Mower Service

 Lawn Mower Maintenance

Free Pick-up and Delivery
Call: 484-6365

$125.00 (Push Mowers+parts) Season Service

$195.00 (Riding Mowers+parts)Season Service

New Spark Plug
Clean Air Filter
Oil Change
Clean Under Deck
Sharpen Blade
Fresh Fuel(if necessary)
Lubrication Done to Fittings
Mower Inspection

Repairs Done Also
$125.00 Minimum Repair Charge for Push Mowers
Minimum Diagnostic Charge Applies
Please Call:

Fuel Additive

This is the fuel additive that we recommend to add to your fuel tank to help the mowers bur Ethanol fuel.  I have seen it for sale at Stihl Dealers, Autozones, and just recently at Walmart.